Your travel guide and maps of places worldwide. It’s Free. It Works Offline.

Travel guide and maps in a single app

Save your time and enjoy your trips

It’s fast and pretty

Beautiful maps that work fast even without Internet connection

Thousands of venues nearby

Search for venues by name of category

A travel guide that is easy to use

Local cuisine, approximate prices, transport, weather and the airport information


How it works

The travel guide covering over 200 cities is already available in the app!
You only need to download the maps you need for them to work offline, and you are good to go and enjoy your trip!
1. How to install the app
You can install the app from AppStore or Google Play, and on the welcome screen you will see a cat asking for your permission to use your geolocation.
2. Download maps
Choose the city or region whose maps you will need and download them to your phone (around 30-50 MB for one city map)
3. You’re all set up!
Well done! Now you’re good to go! Get ready for your trip!

It’s absolutely free

Yes, right, it won’t cost you a penny.

Try it!

Maps of places worldwide
Maps for places worldwide, even for far-flung corners, are available.
Main attractions
For most cities, the maps have marks for most important items right after you download them!
Ready at hand
All the information and maps are available offline, so you can use them from anywhere, anytime.