What the prices are like in Brest and tourist reviews on the prices in 2023

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Food and hotel prices, transport fares in Brest

Information on prices and current world currency rates, reviews on prices from other tourists.

National currency

National currency and р. exchange rate against foreign currencies for a specific date: 2018-12-16 15:19:36
р. / BYR
Belarusian Ruble
$1 = р.19600
United States dollar
€1 = р.21560
¥1 = р.196
Japanese yen
元1 = р.1960
Chinese yuan

Apple price Index

Apple products prices in Brest compared to other countries.
Brest is very bad for buying Apple products, because the prices are very high here.

Food prices

р.104860 $5.4
Inexpensive meal for one person
р.331632 $16.9
Dinner and drinks for two
р.77224 $3.9
Lunch in Mc’Donalds
р.21560 $1.1
A latte
р.5880 $0.3
A bottle of water
р.14700 $0.8
Local beer in cafes

3 star hotel prices

Average price per day in 2022—2023 years
✪ ✪ ✪
р.613k $31.3
3 star hotels
✪ ✪ ✪ ✪
р.2106k $107.5
4 star hotels

Transport fares

Information on transport fares
р.11564 $0.6
A litre of petrol
р.4900 $0.3
Public transportation
р.47236 $2.4
Taxi short ride

Flight prices

Flight prices by months