What the prices are like in Port-Au-Prince and tourist reviews on the prices in 2022

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Food and hotel prices, transport fares in Port-Au-Prince

Information on prices and current world currency rates, reviews on prices from other tourists.

National currency

National currency and HG exchange rate against foreign currencies for a specific date: 2019-03-18 15:42:35
Haitian Gourde
$1 = HG83.1
United States dollar
€1 = HG91.4
¥1 = HG0.8
Japanese yen
元1 = HG8.3
Chinese yuan

Apple price Index

Apple products prices in Port-Au-Prince compared to other countries.
Port-Au-Prince is very bad for buying Apple products, because the prices are very high here.

Food prices

HG648.9 $7.8
Inexpensive meal for one person
HG1945.7 $23.4
Dinner and drinks for two
HG388.8 $4.7
Lunch in Mc’Donalds
HG324 $3.9
A latte
HG32.4 $0.4
A bottle of water
HG51.5 $0.6
Local beer in cafes

Transport fares

Information on transport fares
HG88.1 $1.1
A litre of petrol
HG~0.01 $0
Public transportation
HG427.9 $5.2
Taxi short ride

Flight prices

Flight prices by months

Airport transfer fares

Prices for transfers between the airport and the city.
Airport code for Toussaint Louverture International